What does r937 mean, anyway?

Added 2001-04-05

Received the following email today:

I just wanted to say "Thank You" for the tip on the Mouseover Bubble Effect on the I-Design discussion list. It is rather clever!!

I wanted to know what does your domain “r937” represent? I thought it is peculiar and thought provoking. But, for the most part, I am just bluntly curious!

Here's my reply:

thanks for the kind words

937 is just my favourite number, that's all (it's a long story)

when i first got my email address in 1996, it had to be at least 4 characters long and start with a letter -- rudy@interlog.com was already taken, so r937@interlog.com seemed a natural

then when i went to get a domain name, 937.com was already taken so r937.com seemed a a great second choice

luckily, i was later able to snag the rudy.ca canadian domain, eh!

thanks again for writing

Update June 2003

Here's more about me and 937 in my interview as Member of the Month for May 2003 at Sitepoint Forums.