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Added 2009-04-09 logo Between 2001 to 2009, I wrote an SQL column called Ask The Expert for It's currently located on (one of the TechTarget sites), but it's not about Oracle, it is "technology agnostic" and covers SQL of all flavours.

If you have a question about SQL, I can no longer answer it at, but if you contact me here on my site, I'll reply to you personally. I cannot promise to answer your question, but I will reply.

For your convenience, below are links to all 686 of my SQL "Ask The Expert" answers.

Caution: some links don't work. TechTarget seems to have gone through another of their url-rewriting cycles, and many of the following links no longer work properly. You won't see a 404 page, you'll just get redirected to some generic page.

Despair not. Just copy and paste the title of the answer into the SearchOracle search box. All the articles are still there.