Aunt Netty

Advice for creating user-friendly web pages

Added 2001-08-18

Aunt Netty Aunt Netty is an advice columnist that Gabriella Hegyi and I invented in 1997 to help other intranet developers at Aetna Canada learn the honourable art of creating user-friendly web pages. Aunt Netty Kett's name is a play on the word "netiquette."

Please note there are nine Aunt Netty pages, with a navigation scheme in the top right corner that is pretty slick for 1997, if I do say so myself. The pages are all nicely liquid, too.

IMPORTANT: Aunt Netty's pages do not have the same navigation links as the rest of this site. To leave Aunt Netty's pages and return to this page, just click on Aunt Netty's nose.

Aunt Netty's pages were written in early HTML (2.0 or 3.2, I forget), but Gabe and I never got as far as validating the code, so it's not up to the same html 4.1 strict standards as the rest of this site.